Billets are primarily used by Steel Rolling Mills, where they are utilized as input for hot rolling process primarily to create steel products such as : sections, Angles, Rebar , Wire Rods etc. Billets are generally classified by their composition , and processing method, i.e Blast Furnace vs Electric Arc Furnace , wherein Billets as a result of the former(BF) process are usually classified as a Primary quality Billets as the raw material is Iron Ore and Metallurgical Coal. whilst the later ( EAF) process utilizes scrap steel , and hence the quality is more variable and hence Billets formed are classified as Secondary quality Billets.

When requesting for billets , it is imperative to mention the maximum threshold of impurities ( in %) acceptable, specifically the Carbon, Manganese, Silicon and Sulfur content .

We can offer Primary and Secondary quality Billets in the following sizes and lengths :

    • 100mm x 100mm [ Lengths of 6m , 9m , 12m]
    • 120mm x 120mm [ Lengths of 6m , 9m , 12m]
    • 130mm x 130mm [ Lengths of 6m , 9m , 12m]
    • 150mm x 150mm [ Lengths of 6m , 9m , 12m]

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