Reinforcement Bar (Rebar)

Reinforcement Bar , also commonly referred to as Rebar , Iron Rods, Steel Rods, Rolled Rods, are key components utilized in the construction and infrastructure sector. Rebars are manufactured in Rolling Mills , where they are rolled to the required diameter. Presently, Rebar spec in the market can be divided into two main categories TMT ( Thermo Mechanical Treatment) and non TMT type Rebars.

TMT Rebar’s are stronger and more corrosion resistant than non TMT Rebars, additionally, TMT Rebards are internationally accepted grade that is utilized for major projects and by quality builders and contractors. Whilst the non TMT rebar is usually cheaper and often produced locally with questionable quality control procedures, and wide variability in composition and specification.

We recommend that for the safety durability and piece of mind always use quality TMT Rebars from reputable mills, so as to avoid safety problems, and loss of investment.

We offer Rebars , both in Coils and Standard Cut Lengths (12m), as listed in the table below.

Specification Size Range (mm) Tensile Strength (MPa) Available in Coil Available in Rods
ASTM A615 8 to 10mm 420 Yes Yes
ASTM A615 12 to 18mm 420 Yes Yes
ASTM A615 20 to 25mm 420 Yes Yes